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Today I had my first weigh in and I lost 2.9 kilos, Joy! (1 week)

I’ve bought another 2 weeks of supplies and I am hoping to shed a total of 4 kilos. This is going to mean regular exercise on top of strict eating.

I can do this!

Another thing to note: there’s this girl at work who did Tony Ferguson and lost about 30 kilos. I don’t even recognise her from her employee ID picture. She’s looks at least 10 years younger! Very inspirational!


I think as a Melbournian I need to note that Geelong won the Grand Final today. They beat the Saints by 12 points.


Mark and I spent the day shopping. We first went out to lunch before browsing a $6 book shop. I bought three books: Call Girls - Private Sex workers in Australia, Planet Chicken - the Shameful story of the bird on your plate, and Saturday Kitchen Best Bites - Over 100 simple recipes from expert chefs.

We then browed DFO and freedom furniture. We never found the TV unit we wanted but have come home with a beautiful rug. Its so luxious to walk on :-D

And lastly I came home with a $10 DS game. I bought it cos its cheap and something different to play. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

A pretty good day I say

Tony Ferguson

Today I start the radical Tony Ferguson Diet. 2 shakes/meal replacements, unlimited vegetables and a protein dinner. Low - no carbs.

My thoughts are:

I’m a bit embarrassed starting this as I know it is a fad diet.
I understand it is definitely not maintainable in the long run (ie for life).
I understand the way the diet works is by reducing and limiting calorie intake.I will have to be strict on what foods I eat. I understand this means giving up a lot of food that I love.

Then why am I doing Tony Ferguson?

To get the bulk of the weight off quickly. (in time for summer hopefully!)
After seeing results in a colleague its got me curious at what I could gain by doing this program
To learn and practice self control.

My goals are:

To weigh between 60-65 kilos
To fit comfortably into size 10 - 12 clothes
To feel more confident in my appearance.
To eventually build up my stamina and maintain an active lifestyle.
To reduce the symptoms of PCOS and in turn falling pregnant.

My concerns:

Afraid of feeling starved.
Not being able to eat the foods I love.
Failing the program when going out with friends.
Gaining more than the weight loss when returning to a healthier eating plan.

Comments on Day 1:

The first shake I tried was the vanilla. The flavour was subtle and tasted a little like wheat (?).

I noticed about an hour later I was feeling bare (?). In that my mouth wanted to eat food though my belly could give or take. I went for a walk instead and the feeling soon faded.

Mark had lunch and I ate a celery stick with some Caesar salad dressing. I instantly craved more but stopped.

The afternoon was then spent gardening which subdued any hunger almost immediately.

I then forced myself to take a break and try the choc mint shake. That was pretty nice though the texture was a bit too creamy/moussey….

For dinner I had a bowl of steamed vegies with chicken tikka masala on top. It was yum and I’m satisfied. Actually a little too full. I hope it doesn’t hinder weight loss (especially as its actually 8gr of carbs per serve (tsk tsk). We’re supposed to stick to less than 5 g of carbs per serve. Oh well it was tasty.

So far so good. I look forward to seeing how things go tomorrow when I’m bored at work.

Jul. 18th, 2009

ellen i miss you. write an entry again already!


Ive been pretty rotten to my friends. Unintentionally but its taken its toll as i found out today.

Sandy is pissed because i make snide remarks to her face. I honestly didnt realise i was doing it - until phung brought it up today. I feel really embarrassed by my behaviour and at the same time upset it wasnt brought to my attention by sandy sooner. Instead sandy has ignored me the past few months. I'm upset about it - more upset that i offended her, than upset she hasnt talked to me about it.

Rachelle is pissed because I havent called to arrange and see her these past couple of months. I havent done so because she said she was so busy with school and doesnt have the time to go out. she just needs to knuckle down and study - and i totally agree. That and I figured she doesnt have much time to hang out with her boyfriend. I've been pretty much waiting for her to contact me to let me know when shes free - and i said this to her a couple of months back. I stayed away because i thought it was her choice to be socially isolated.

Carly, shes just being a sheep and going with what everyone else is feeling. Im starting to see i dont have all that much respect for her. I mean shes excellent to hang out with and i thoroughly enjoy her company, but if there was no past, a friendship wouldnt exist.

and finally there is Phung. I have no issues with phung. I respect her wisdom and honesty and we have things in common. I like phung and she likes me.

So there is a quick status some of the important friendships in my life. Its pretty much turned to shit.

Both parties should gain from a friendship and I cant see that here. I've called each of them to apologise and I'm going to let them disappear from here.

NB I am embarrassed by my behaviour but I no longer feel good enough for these friendships. Thats not the only reason I am giving up. I am no longer getting out anything but angst and worry from these relationships.

Please comment if you can. I think i need advice

Palm Cove - about time eh. hehe

Snapshots of our holiday in Northern Qld

Me and a python

Mark and I at a waterfall

There were lots of coconuts at Cape Tribulation. this picture was taken right after an extreme downpour of rain

Mark scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef

Me snorkeling on the reef. I made a huge mistake by smiling at the camera. a very salty mistake

Feb. 29th, 2008

Okay, ive seriously neglected you dear journal. but thats because facebook is better. sighs

quick update

- went to rachelles glow in the dark party which rocked. (see pics on facebooke)
- went to carlys 21st birthday weekend on the Great Ocean road (see pics on facebook)
- my fingers still hurt
- apparently my bloods are bad enough to get my super drug. the doctor sent me home for 2 weeks to get worse so i could qualify
- Mark is shaving his head for cancer. How AWESOME is he?!!

thats probably about it :-D
Just a quick post to say the arthritis in my right hand is crippling. even typing hurts at the moment. *sighs*

Today it was hot and i was exhausted

Despite the fact ive been a bit moody and short with Mark i had a really good day today

As mentioned in my previous entries we were going to the zoo today for Jenni's birthday. there was a forecast for rain but that couldnt be further from the truth. I spent the entire day sweating!

Unfortunately Jelly couldnt make it - he eldest son was working and didnt like the fact she could go without him. she left me a phone message and she sounded like she was on the verge of crying! I personally think he controls her social life just a tad too much. Ah wells, she raised him to be like that i guess. i just feel for her

The Zoo was fantastic. lots of kid and a really nice family day. My favourite animals would probably be the little chimps with the funky hair do's. I also came up and close to a massive 33 year old elephant. He was pretty cool. we also saw the lions get fed (slightly anticlimatic - would have been way cool if they fed the one carcass between the four lions).

By the time we got home i collapsed on the bed. 2 hours later i wake up, in the exact same position as how i crashed + drool. I call out to mark and the next thing i know i wake up again and its 7pm!!! yes i was extremely exhausted

spent tonight very lazily. Returned a DVD and bought my favourite Curry Laksa for din din. also sat down to another film - about the german cannibal who ate his voluntary victim he found on the internet. It was a crappy movie but the story is extremely intriguing. I tried researching but havent found much. He was sentenced to 8 and half years prision for manslaugter - not murder as many people demanded. Either way apparently he is a very much liked prisoner and if good, could be released after 4 years. He is also supposedly very remorseful and will write a book warning people not to get too obssessed as he once was. He is also making big bucks for the movie rights

And now im chilling back listening to the Miss Saigon CD. Ive said it before and will say it again, it is awesome. So tragic!!!